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Achieving Good Mental Health for Aussie Kids

June 2015

Mental health is an important issue for people of all ages. Click here to read how the NSW Child Development Study is working in partnership with primary schools across NSW to improve the mental health and wellbeing of Australian children. 


New Study Video Now Available

1 April 2015

NSW Teachers Federation has released a video interview with Professor Vaughan Carr explaining key aspects of the NSW Child Development Study. Watch.

Making an Early Start to Good Mental Health

25 March 2015

Strengthening social and emotional competencies at a young age is important for developing good mental health, quality relationships and academic achievement. This article discusses how the NSW-CDS aims to obtain information about socio-emotional development through the implementation of the Middle Childhood Survey (MCS) in mid-2015.


Students Find Pilot Survey Fun

17 Feb 2015

Students reported they had fun filling the online Middle Childhood Survey (MCS) and were not upset by the questions, according to schools' feedback from our 2014 feasibility study. Find out more about the 11-school MCS pilot study in this one-page feedback summary.

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Listen to Study Background and Preliminary Results Audio

17 Feb 2015

An audio recording providing background and preliminary results for the NSW Child Development Study is now available on YouTube. The recording posted by the NGO Learning Centre also features an interview with the study's lead investigator Professor Vaughan Carr.