Who Participated in the Middle Childhood Survey (MCS)?

In 2015, all schools with students enrolled in Year 6 were invited to assist in administering the Middle Childhood Survey in class time. If the School Principal agreed that the school could participate, all Year 6 students of that school were invited to complete the online (Internet) survey about their mental health and wellbeing. This enabled the same cohort of children who were assessed using the Australian Early Development Census in 2009 to provide self-reported information on their thoughts, feelings, and experiences at a critical age in middle childhood.

A total of 829 schools (approximately 35% of the state total of 2376 eligible schools) agreed to administer the MCS to Year 6 students in 2015. The participating schools included 556 public (67%), 199 Catholic (24%), and 74 Independent schools (9%).

A total of 27,808 children took part in the MCS. This included 14,054 males and 13,754 females. Of these students, 26,854 (96.6%) completed all questions (responded to 116 items), while 954 students did not finish the survey (3.4%). We are very grateful to those children and schools who participated in the MCS in 2015.

More detailed information on the MCS is available at the About the Middle Childhood Survey page.