Written Information for Students

What is the NSW Child Development Study?

The NSW Child Development Study is being done to show how experiences in childhood may affect later health, education, and wellbeing during adolescence and adulthood.

There are two main parts to the NSW Child Development Study:

1. Record Linkage

The first part of the study brings together existing information on the health, education, and social wellbeing of all children who were assessed on the Australian Early Development Index in 2009 when they were approximately 5-6 years old. 

2. Middle Childhood Survey

The Middle Childhood Survey was undertaken in participating NSW schools in 2015. All NSW primary schools were invited to participate. The students invited to complete the survey in 2015 were the same students who were assessed at school entry in 2009 on the Australian Early Development Index.

The survey asks questions about students’ thoughts, feelings, actions, and experiences. It was completed in class time, using school computers. An audio-version of the survey was available for students that needed help with reading.

How will information from the Middle Childhood Survey be used?

This information will be used to help Australian children grow into healthy adolescents and adults. To do this, governments and schools need to provide the right kinds of support for all children, to build up their strengths and overcome difficulties. To help provide this information, responses to the Middle Childhood Survey will be brought together with other information from government organisations, in a second record linkage study in 2016.

The information from the survey will remain private and WILL NOT BE SHARED with teachers, principals, parents, or school friends.

What if I need to talk to somebody? 

Our survey asked you to tell us about your thoughts, feelings, actions, and experiences.

The questions we asked in this survey were not a test and there are no right or wrong answers. 

However, sometimes, the types of questions asked might make you think about things that make you upset. If this happens, there is always someone you can talk to about this.

If you are at school, you can go to your teacher, principal, school counsellor or school chaplain.

If you are at home, you can talk to your parents/carers.

Or, if you would like to talk to somebody else who cares for children but doesn’t know you personally, you can call Kids Helpline (1800 551 800), which is a free call from your home phone, a payphone, and even a mobile phone.

Remember too, that if you would like some more information about our study, you can visit our study website http://nsw-cds.com.au or contact the NSW Child Development Study free helpline on 1800 901 922.